Product updates 🚀

Oct 11 2019Replacing Videos + Text overlay editing

A pain point for many users, beforehand you were not able to replace videos or edit the text overlay. Happy to say this is now solved. Enjoy!

Oct 7 2019Dropbox integration

Easily download any video interaction directly to your Dropbox.

Sept 18 2019New & improved web-app interface

We are thrilled to present a new streamlined VideoAsk workflow based around interactions. The new Ui includes a feed of all your interactions across all your VideoAsks so you never miss a beat. (The iOS app also now includes a new 'Interactions' tab in the dashboard.)

Sept 6 2019Support for Emojis & special characters (incl Russian & Arabic)

VideoAsks now support Emojis as well as special characters!

August 22 2019Conversations (a.k.a 'Threaded Replies')

Follow up with your respondents via Video to start an asynchronous conversation.

July 31 2019Calendar integration

Allow anyone to book a time on your calendar from within your VideoAsk using Calendly (requires a Calendly account).

Available on the web-app only (coming soon to iOS).

calender demo

July 29 2019Introducing 'MIX': Video text overlays

Add 100's of amazing video backgrounds from the PEXELS library and overlay them with your own custom text.

Check out this quiz example:

July 25 2019Hidden feature: Fit-Video

If you want to make sure we don't crop any of the videos you upload (e.g a landscape video), just add ?fitvideo to the end of your VideoAsk URL. Just like this:

July 12 2019Email notifications

Receive an e-mail notification each time a user responds to one of your VideoAsks. (Available on web app today, coming soon to iOS).

July 3rd 2019Support for Italian

🇮🇹 'Abbiamo abilitato il supporto per VideoAsks in italiano, incluso il supporto per la trascrizione in italiano.'

June 27 2019Export your answers (.csv)

If you need a bulk download of all the answers of a particular VideoAsk, you can now easily export everthing to .csv so you can load it into your favorite spreadsheet app. Enjoy!

June 26 2019Color settings

You can now tweak in-app the primary and secondary colors that appear in your VideoAsks.

June 26 2019Multi languages now supported in-app

You can now update the default language of your VideoAsks directly in-app. Available languages...English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese.

June 26 2019Authenticate using Typeform credentials

If you already use Typeform, we've made it dead easy for you to log in to your VideoAsk account using your Typeform credentials. Enjoy!

June 16 2019Multi-Language support in VideoAsks

If you want to change the language of your VideoAsk, just add the language extension to the URL as such:

Available languages:

  • Spanish: use /es/
  • Portuguese: use /pt/
  • German: use /de/
  • Dutch: use /nl/
To request extra languages just ask us

June 14 2019Notes - A little help for the shy ones...

You can now overlay notes during your video capture in order to help you craft that perfect VideoAsk.

June 13 2019Launched v2.0

Released the web version of VideoAsk alongside a bunch of new features incl. Multi-Step VideoAsks, Video Polls, Video Library uploads, a new improved embed widget and more....