Everything you need to get closer

Video-driven UX

VideoAsk makes collecting responses from your audience easy & engaging by leveraging the power of video.

  • Create a VideoAsk in seconds.
  • Share the link with your audience.
  • Receive video answers from any device. Additional answer types available: Audio, Plain Text, Multiple Choice & Live Calendar (using Calendly).

Embed it

Choose to make Video-Asking an integral part of interacting with visitors on your website or application.

Meet people in your ‘Inbox’

Manage your interactions with the VideoAsk inbox and get face to face with your audience.

  • Reply to new leads via video to initiate a conversation.
  • Enable email/push notifications.
  • Export all you answers to .csv.

Transcribe every word

Turn all your interactions into text so you can easily refer back to all your answers and collect data at scale.

  • Speech-to-text transcription.
  • Multi-language support. (English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian & Russian)

Developer enabled

Looking to enable Video/Audio data-collection in your application or workflow? We got you covered.

At your desk or on the go...

We built VideoAsk to be fully responsive & cross-platform. If you are on iOS, download our native app.