Pick a plan, cancel anytime.


10 interactions / mo (?)

  • VideoAsk branded
  • All core features
  • Voice-text transcription
  • Zapier integration


50 interactions / mo (?)

  • Conditional Logic
  • Redirect to URL
  • Export data to .csv


incl. 100 interactions / mo (?)

  • Remove VideoAsk brand
  • Video length control
  • Priority support
  • API access


Looking to use VideoAsk at scale?

Usage based pricing is coming soon to VideoAsk...

Planning to go over 100 interactions/mo?

Don’t worry if you go over 100 interactions by a little bit, we won't be enforcing strict limits until early 2020.

If you are planning to go over 200 interactions, just subscribe to the BRAND plan and follow up by getting in touch with us to extend your subscription as well as your interactions limit.

What counts as an interaction?

When a respondent interacts with any of your videoasks, this is counted as a single interaction (no matter how many steps your videoask contains). When a respondent replies to one of your replies, this is also counted as an interaction.

Example: You anticipate collecting 100 new responses across all your videoasks every month, with an average of 2 follow-up replies from each new respondent. The total number of interactions per month will be: 300.