How Steffan finds great candidates faster with VideoAsk...

Quiz Meisters run comedy trivia nights in pubs across Australia. But finding great quiz hosts is tough, according to the company's Creative Director Steffan van Lint.

You get quite a few people coming to these live auditions who just shouldn't be there.

With Quiz Meisters expanding into the US, Steffan now uses VideoAsk to identify charismatic candidates before he meets them.

VideoAsk weeds out performers that shouldn't be applying for this sort of job, which really increases the quality of our auditionees.


  • Speed up your hiring process: identify the right people without scheduling face-to-face meetings
  • Find better candidates: get applicants on camera to see if their personality's a good cultural fit for your company
  • Reply to the best people fast: instantly respond to candidates via video

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